Massachusetts Dog Bite Lawyer

In Massachusetts most dog owners are deemed to be strictly liable for the injuries caused when their dogs bite someone.  That means, as a matter of law we may not even need to prove negligence in most cases.  The video on this page shows a dramatization of a dog bite case, but in many instances the dog that does the biting belongs to a friend or family member.  You might be feeling like you do not want to have a case against a friend or family member.  You should keep in mind that most dog bite injuries are covered by the dog owner’s home or renter’s insurance—even if the bite occurred away from their home. That means your compensation is not coming from the pocket of the dog owner.

Claims for dog bite injuries include compensation for disfigurement or scars.  This element of damages is highly subjective and insurers are quick to minimize this particular aspect of a claim; do not let that happen.  Check out the video and give our personal injury attorney a call.

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