Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents cases make up the majority of our work for our car accidents attorney. The system favors insurance companies. Most people do not understand fully the applicable coverage and benefits available and, contrary to advertising, insurance companies are not on your side once you have been injured. The representatives from your own insurance company may seem friendly in initial communications, but companies have a financial motivation to limit your medical treatment. Your own insurance company can even require you to see a doctor who they choose and then disregard what your doctor thinks is best for you when the doctor who they pay has a different opinion.

The insurance company for the driver who caused the accident and your injuries is concerned about corporate profits, not about what is best for you. The representatives of these companies want to keep you from retaining counsel and get your signature on a release for as little money as possible. The key to settling cases favorably is being able to show insurance companies how we will succeed at trial. Check out the video and give us a call.

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