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Most clients are referred to Attorney DiBartolo by former clients and by other local attorneys.  Below is a small sample of what Attorney DiBartolo's clients have to say about him.

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He’s Simply The Best! -

Attorney DiBartolo gave me the most positive experience I've ever had with the legal system, by far! He, and his office staff, were immediately responsive, reassuring, thorough, and efficient at every turn for four years after my MVA. He fought hard and long to win a very substantial, fair settlement. Moreover, he distinguishes himself among the cadre of personal injury attorneys by maintaining a strong moral compass, honest communication, and a fabulous 'bedside manner.' He is adept at connecting with clients, attorneys, and insurance companies. He went beyond the call of duty over and over. I think I'm a discerning consumer, and I have not one bad thing to say about how John handled my case. I recommend him without reservation!

Excellent advocate and commanding courtroom presence -

Attorney DiBartolo was referred to me by a previous client of his that was very pleased with his performance, and I would echo that sentiment from my own experience with him.

A simple slip and fall accident due to negligence on federal property evolved into a complicated case that went on for four years. Through it all, Mr. DiBartolo kept me appraised of and actively involved in legal developments as they unfolded. I appreciated his intelligence, professionalism, and preparation, and it was obvious during the trial that the jury was impressed by his commanding courtroom presence, clarity, and down to earth approach to the law. This is someone that you want on your side in a courtroom--he radiates competence and warmth.

I was very pleased with my resulting financial compensation, which I believe was maximized by Mr. DiBartolo's efforts. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Godsend -

Attorney DiBartolo represented me after a serious car accident. I must admit I was not the easiest client. John always had my best interest at heart. I had full confidence in his work and advice. Attorney DiBartolo came highly recommended by Attorney William J. O'Neil. I trusted John and that in itself was imperative. I felt like I was being represented by my big brother. Attorney DiBartolo consistently maintained his professionalism and included me in decision making. He was a Godsend. I highly recommend Attorney DiBartolo to anyone who is seeking fairness, support and a team atmosphere.

Excellent Personal Injury Attorney -

If you are looking for an excellent personal injury attorney who is easy to talk to and who will explain your options in a simple and straight forward way then you need look no further than John DiBartolo. He is an experienced attorney who will fight to get you a fair and reasonable settlement.

I was in a car accident where the other driver rear ended my car. I suffered whiplash and needed medical treatment for several months. Attorney DiBartolo's office handled all of the paper work for the initial insurance payments, which was very helpful. The insurance company was very difficult and refused to make a reasonable settlement offer. Attorney DiBartolo treated my case as an important one, paid attention to details and prepared the case for trial. At trial, John DiBartolo was well prepared, had an excellent courtroom presence, won some legal arguments on evidence and jury instructions and won the case. The jury award was significantly higher than what the insurance company had offered. I would highly recommend Attorney DiBartolo.